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"With UniBro, fast, convenient and secure communication is possible between students and administration."


Many educational institutions in our country do not have proper communication platforms or infrastructure. Even in this digital age, the preferred method for many colleges is to simply print an announcement and attach it to a board on the premises. Students are the ones who suffer from this slow and ineffective communication. Unless they regularly check the board, they might not know about their exam dates, submission deadlines or other important announcements. Moreover, there is limited space on the board, hence notifications end up covering one another. For some students, especially those in distance education, regularly visiting the premises might not be possible. Urgent communication is also impossible with the notice board method of communication.


UNiBro is a general platform for communication between University/College faculties, administration and their Students. There are four levels of Users: A University Admin, College Admins, Department Admins and Students. Each Admin controls the adding / modifying / restricting of Users for the level below them as well as blocking any wrong or inappropriate information.

Students can join the platform using their Registered number and verifying their Mobile via OTP. Students can view any shared information via their app. It also creates a list of students who haven't viewed the information, so they can be contacted in an alternate manner.


  • This provides insant communication to the student community.
  • The layered architecture means the admins at each level can decide whether to pass information to their users or not, for messages received from the same or lower level.
  • It is user-friendly and allows unlimited users to be added.
  • It is a paperless way of sharing information.
  • Format can be easily changed and Information can be easily removed.
  • Information of every medium can be shared - Text, Images, and Video.
  • Timing for Communication is fixed so there is no unnecessary disturbance.
  • All information shared remains secure.