Project Consultancy


Selan Project Consultant Pvt. Ltd. started their work in 2005. We invited technical experts of different fields who have vast experience and qualification in their own field to launch this company of multi-disciplinary technical services. We wanted to share our expertise and experience with various organizations to help them successfully complete their projects.

The Company has technical experts on board who have experience in the field of Town Planning, Architectural Planning, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Designing and Software Development. That is why we have been able to successfully complete projects from a diversity of fields.

The idea or motto behind starting this organization was to give our rich experience to settlements desiring planned development. We united as qualified individuals and made this organization.

Till date, we have done projects worth more than INR 4000 Crore (USD 543 Million) successfully.


The vision of this organization is to give our rich experience of work as a great combination of all expert minds for delivering quality work to the society. We are unified as qualified individuals and we work as one mind. We are known for our good work and are ready to give best services for assigned projects.


Our Services

Our services are designed to eliminate the complexity of our clients’ projects. We continuously provide Value Added Services to our customers at every stage of a project.

The main part of our services are narrated below

  • Technical Supportive Agency
  • Rural Geographical Analysis and Implementation
  • Services for Rural People
  • Planning work of the Town Planning Scheme.
  • Planning work of City Development Plan
  • Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Follow up work with Government Organizations

Our Esteemed Clients

We have provided our services to many important organizations. Some of our clients are listed below:

  • Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd, Gandhinagar
  • Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company Limited
  • Bhavnagar Area Development Authority
  • Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
  • Jamnagar Municipal Corporation
  • Road & Building Division, Ahmedabad
  • Road & Building Division, Chhota Udaipur
  • Road & Building Division, Bhavnagar
  • Road & Building Division, Gir-Somnath

Why Selan

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in the Government Sector with 100% rate in project execution.
  • Selan has provided technical consultancy related services under one umbrella to Government Departments, Organizations, and Corporations.
  • The diversity of projects in terms of work profile, stakeholders and industries have made us one of the best choices for handling complex projects requiring experience & expertise.
  • We provide utmost quality for each technical consultancy services project.
  • Carrying out project analysis and preparation of action plan for the successful competition of expected outputs.
  • Involvement of all authority levels in the project.
  • Constant monitoring and evaluation to maintain quality standards.
  • Predefined process with result oriented and 'Customer First’ approach.

Ongoing Project Highlight

Selan is currently providing their services to Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation (GAIC) in the implementation of the “Barbed Wire Fencing Scheme” of Gujarat Government that provides assistance in building barbed wire fences to all farms in the state.

For the first time in this sector, innovative technology has been used to perform multi layer verification, enabling 10 times the speed, saving cost & ensuring no malpractice occurs. This includes a proprietary android application and back-end system including admin panels.

Our application allows the agents to mark the coordinates on the border of a farm, and upload Photos of the land and Farmer, bearing the GPS stamps. The app can use these marks to measure the distance between two points as well as the total area and total perimeter of the farm. Plus, any points that have an existing fence between them can be marked as such to exclude that length from the perimeter. Moreover, the same coordinates are matched when reverification occurs after fencing work is done.