Overview & our Journey

In July 2020, Sheth Infocon Pvt. Ltd. launched its own general E-Commerce platform: KeVi Mart. The app was created to provide delivery of supplies to rural and semi-urban areas across Gujarat that were only available in cities. The platform was friendly to all kinds of users, multi-lingual, and could be operated by local aggregators on behalf of rural customers. It also provided local manufacturers a platform and a market. They provided great products but could not compete with prominent national brands in traditional retail channels.

KeVi Mart received a great response from our customers. By the first month, August 2020, we had added more than 500 Suppliers across Gujarat. By the second month, we had successfully fulfilled 10,000 orders. By the third month, the App had been downloaded more than 1,00,000 times. In January 2021, we opened our service to all 33 Districts of Gujarat. In February, we integrated the Digital Payment platform Razorpay in our App.

Currently we are transforming our business model and rebranding the app as “AchhaWala” which will be launched in near future.


Problems in E-Commerce

While E-commerce platforms provide convenience and scope of variety, they have two clear limitations that brick and mortar stores do not:

1. Assessing Product Quality is Cumbersome and Risky

E-commerce platforms cannot always guarantee product satisfaction, which leads to bad experiences and general distrust. This distrust arises as customers, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities hold the platform responsible for quality control and assurance of the products listed on them.

2. Poor Service - Especially for Grievance Redressal

Customers don’t usually receive comfortable personal experiences in case of any grievance. The faceless approach of traditional E-commerce platforms has created a barrier that many customers do not risk to cross. This limits the penetration of E-commerce in the market.

The Solution

Our services are designed to eliminate the complexity of our clients’ projects. We continuously provide Value Added Services to our customers at every stage of a project.

The main part of our services are narrated below

1. Product Quality Assurance

Every supplier is thoroughly vetted before joining to ensure high quality and consistency of the products. Moreover, delivery feedback is collected from the customer and negative feedbacks for a product leads to serious consequences including heavy penalties and a permanent ban for a product or the seller.

2. Personalised Service

We aim to become the first e-commerce platform to provide thorough on-call support for any issue arising during entire purchase journey as well as post delivery.

3. Brand Identity as Lifestyle Redefined

Focus product categories have been carefully chosen to include things related to only redefined lifestyle. Be it speciality foods, organic food, nutrition, art & craft, fitness supplements, handicraft, handmade products, quality fabrics, gifting articles etc.

Our Strategy & Communication

AchhaWala will combine the personal relationships and quality assurance of brick and mortar stores with the huge variety of products available in regular E-Commerce platforms.

We have three messages for our customers:

Indian Platform

We are a proudly Indian platform, helping Indian sellers with the goal to provide higher standard products & service to our customers

Our Promise

We promise our customers the satisfaction they will receive when it comes to any & every product on AchhaWala. As the name suggests, only good items are available.

Our Face

We have a face & a voice when it comes to reaching the customer or addressing their queries. Personalised attention to every customer is assured.

Our reply to customer FAQs & concerns

Everything related to Redefining Lifestyle: Be it speciality foods, organic food, nutrition, art & craft, fitness supplements, handicraft, handmade products, quality fabrics, gifting articles etc.

We will keep a thorough check of each and every product listed on the platform through pre-registration checks, mystery shopping and post-delivery feedback. Any deviation from promised criteria will be treated with utmost seriousness.

One click call feature will allow the customer to initiate a call directly from the app to solve any and all kind of queries before, during and after a purchase.

Dedicated person will be assigned for each customer – hence giving the platform "a voice". This person will contact the customer after every purchase for first few times and for every new product listed, to seek feedback, build trust & resolve queries.

We will conduct post delivery feedback for orienting newly joined customers and to assure quality of newly introduced products. Also, if a product is found not to be serving its desired/intended purpose, it will be replaced or taken down temporarily or permanently.