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"Every employee at the right location at the right time, guaranteed!"


For many job roles, employees are deployed at specific locations outside the office. In such situations, tracking can be required regarding the employee being at the expected location at the right time. However, such tracking can be difficult without the right system.

Moreover, traditional approaches to solve this issue, such as using one's own smartphone to mark attendance, have limitations such as unavailability of a smartphone with all employees as well as manipulation of such a system.


nPresence is a unique software based solution for Government and Private organizations to take Paperless attendance in and out of the office without any specific hardware. nPresence allows employees to give their attendance via face recognition from a predefined work area from any smartphone which can be owned by anyone as no app or login is required. The employee simply enters their unique ID in the nPresence App on any smartphone and takes a picture. If the phone's location and Employee's Picture match with the predefined data, the attendance is marked successfully.

For this, nPresence uses a unique combination of three technologies to solve this problem:
  • Geo-fencing, which ensures the attendance is captured at right location for each user
  • Face recognition, which ensures only the right person is marking the attendance, making the system tamper proof, and removing the requirement of personally owned smartphone.
  • Web app based login, removing the requirement of owned smartphone, as any smartphone can be used to mark attendance of any user.


  • Allows organizations to capture attendance of their employees from any place at any time without any extra hardware.
  • This efficient & effective location based attendance improves productivity and also ensures the employees are present at the right location at the right time.
  • Supervisor and Head of Organization can track real time location of all employees as well as distance and routes travelled via Geo-Attendance and Geo-fencing features.
  • Employees can log attendance using any smartphone in the building or defined radius. It does not have to be owned by the employee.
  • The attendance system is easy to understand and can be integrated into any existing attendance and/or salary system.
  • Fully digital system saves paper and money.
  • Relieves staff required for Attendance Monitoring to be diverted to other work.


3 Meter geo-radial accuracy
Number of cities where it is in use4
No of Companies5
No of Employees under Attendance390
No of Days logged1,27,000+