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"We Create Experiences that you & your Customers Cherish"


Nurturing leads is one of the most crucial parts of the customer acquisition funnel, especially for higher ticket size offerings. However, getting good results is difficult, requiring a combination of hiring, training, methodical approach & technology.

The challenges involve finding empathetic communicators, training them for best performance, monitoring and incentivising, and continuous revision of scripts. But on the other hand, it is one of the most effective methods for marketing, which can improve sales and bring in great word of mouth - when performed by experts.


We, at InfiLead, thrive in this field and have perfected the art of achieving satisfactory customer interaction & leads. We cater to every phone call with our expertise to create gripping engagement and turn it into an opportunity to generate leads, provide customer service, marketing of the products and much more.

We research the products/services offered, current market and the customers to create new leads and to plan our approach. We identify the benefits of the product and any related doubts, so our skilled employees can handle the queries of all customers and smoothly generate interest in your business. We disseminate your information using multiple communication methods, not just calls, to ensure the customers know all about you. We use empathy to build rapport with customers, so we, and therefore you, gain their trust.

With trained resources, script free approach, and cutting edge technology, we execute this process with excellent quality, performance & price.


  • Pricing models that depend on our performance, giving you cost-effectiveness without risk
  • Gain skilled personnel that have experience in managing customer relationships
  • Increase the reach of your business through our various methods
  • Efficiently spread your Brand's awareness using multiple media


  • Varini Masala: Outsourcing their sales work to us reduced their money spent on marketing by 45% while increasing their overall sales.
  • Ved Vyas Vidyapith: Our friendly approach as well as the counselling provided by our staff to the students lead to more sales of their mock tests and admissions to their institute.
  • Swapna Srushti Horizon Pvt. Ltd.: We provided information of their latest projects to prospective clients through both calls and messages, leading to unit sales increasing by 12+ per month, resulting in INR 2 Crore + Revenue.