In India, many types of poles are used for street lights and low tension electric lines. Not all are of the same quality however, some are superior and some are inferior, breaking down easily and hindering regular routine.

Sheth Manufacturing Company decided to manufacture the best quality of poles themselves as street lights and electric lines are essential for our country’s infrastructure. In 1997-98, we started two factories in Sidsar and Ranpur, that produce R.C.C Prestressed and Precast Poles. The pole is 8.0 meters in length & has transverse load capacity of 200 kg. It's weight is around 425 kg. It can utilize up to 11 kVA line of Electricity Transmission. Due to pre-stressed technology, it resists any adverse condition and can last for almost 50 years.

We have now become one of the major Manufacturers & Suppliers of Electric Poles. The RCC poles we produce are of the best quality and up to the standards specified by the State Electricity Board


Sidsar Factory

Sidsar Pole Manufacturing Unit was established in the year 1997-98 and at present, it is operating at its full capacity to meet the demand of RCC Poles, especially in the vicinity of Bhavnagar district i.e. Botad, Paliana, Gariyadhar, Mahuva, Gadhada Talaja etc.

As the factory is only 10 km away from Bhavnagar City, it benefits from skilled and experienced labour which enables us to produce a greater number of RCC Poles for Electric Transmission.

Ranpur Factory

Ranpur Pole Manufacturing Unit was established in the year 1997-98 and today is a prime manufacturer and supplier of quality RCC prestressed precast poles in the region surrounding Ranpur.

Production facilities at Ranpur are well organized, requiring minimum handling of poles during different stages. Ranpur Pole Manufacturing Unit has more production capacity compared to Sidsar because of its well organized structure and more amount of labour.