Our Story

Established in 1992

It is a story of goodwill, growth and greatness.

1992 - Construction

Sheth Group was established in 1992. It was founded as a land development and building construction company. We surveyed the current market at that time and found that there was a large vacuum in the construction activity for the middle income group. We found that 80% of the societies were in the middle income group or lower income group, and only 20% of the estate developers served that income group.

We decided to serve the middle income group and started several land development and building plans that were successful. In fact, we sold the developed land by giving a monthly installment to the customer and proved that by giving monthly installments, we can attract the middle and lower middle income group segment.

In 1993, our group started estate development work for the people of the middle income group. Our plans 'Somnath Nagar-1, 2, 3, and 4' received heavy response from the society. This was a new idea to sell a plot by a monthly installment. Amenities were also installed which attracted them because they could own their home in an area close to Bhavnagar city and get facilities provided by the development authority. Many people responded well to this plan with a very modest installment for a longer period. And in no time our group had finished the entire plan altogether. Selection of the area was mainly from Bhavnagar city's entry point. Total 67000 square yards of land was sold under the schemes.

In the year 2005, the company decided to launch a unique Idea; "A Tailor Made Residential Township". It may be the first time in the history of estate development that anyone has started a plan without getting land. We announced that after getting a consultation about customer needs and “Within a month of the token deposit, your needs, your views, ideas and home / land / location; We will buy the land and complete your needs”.

Surprisingly, our company received a lot of positive feedback and after that we launched the luxury residential townships: "SWAPNA SRUSHTI" and named our Real Estate company “Swapna Srushti Horizon Pvt. Ltd”. During that time, to make the units affordable for the middle income group, we had ensured that the unit cost of the tenement was about Rs. 4 to 7 lakhs.

These are some of the unique experiences. The journey continues with various projects at scale across Gujarat. In 2006, we built two new Townships of 350 houses, “Swapna Srushti Talaja Road” and “Swapna Srushti Chitra Vartej”. In 2007, we built two more Townships named “Swapna Shilp” which also had 350 houses. In 2012, we built “Swapna Sakar”, Bhavnagar’s biggest Township with 784 flats, and “Swapna Sundar”, with 201 Tenements, and so on.

1997 - Manufacturing

Our group decided to expand their activities in the manufacturing sector. We founded Sheth Construction Company and established 4 units of RCC Pole (for the purpose of electricity flow) from 1997 to 2005. Since then we have been providing RCC poles to the Gujarat Electricity Board for the purpose of electricity transmission and street lights. Our factories are located in Bhavnagar, Dhandhuka, Vapi and Bharuch. Till date, we have manufactured more than 5,00,000 units of electricity poles with highest strength & stress testing ratios.

2003 - Software Development

To match the current era, we decided to expand into the field of software development and established a software development department in the year 2003 as Sheth Saga Infinite Pvt. Ltd. At present, we are the leading software development company for rural level software.

Some of our software products available in the market are:
  • DYTS and ViTraS - a traffic surveillance system
  • N-Presence - an attendance system
  • VECA for Vehicle Maintenance
  • Roader for Road Transport services
  • UniBro - a communication platform for universities and students
  • Builders’ Corner, a platform for Builders’ to market their services and gain clients
  • SNL - an innovative No-Parking lock application

2005 - Consultancy

In 2005, we created Selan Project Consultant Pvt. Ltd. and invited technical experts of different fields; who have vast experience and qualification in their own field; to launch this company of multi- disciplinary technical services. We created a diverse team that can handle projects of all types for both Government and Private Sector.

We provide Third Party Inspection, Project Management Consultancy, Town Planning, Technical Consultancy, and other services to many organizations. We have completed projects worth more than INR 4000 crores (USD 543 million).

2017 - Corporate Headquarters to Ahmedabad

In the year 2017, we moved our Corporate Headquarters to Ahmedabad.

2017 - E-commerce for Rural India

We expanded into the E-Commerce Field and created the E-Commerce platform called KeVi Mart. KeVi Mart is a general e-commerce marketplace for Rural India. It has shown great potential with more than 20,000 orders executed, 490 sellers onboarded and having a 1.5L+ customer base.

The rural & semi-urban customer is empowered as now they can purchase goods of their choice, without having to travel to nearby Taluka center or city. Moreover, good quality products at cheap rates are available, saving their hard earned money.

The local manufactures are empowered by receiving this new customer base - especially those that provide best quality products but don’t know how to penetrate the existing market with known brands. KeVi Mart is very helpful to such customers.

2020 - Development of VC fund & accelerator: “Young Brigades”

We have developed an investment fund & accelerator to promote bright startups with enthusiastic entrepreneurs. With right mentorship from a panel of industry leaders, access to a wide network, and necessary funding, we hope to speed up their growth & chances of success. The accelerator is sector agnostic, but focuses on utilisation of latest tech in the value proposition and scalability of the start-up.