Smart No-Parking Lock

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"Illegal parking is no more, with a digital, fast and convenient vehicle locking & payment system called SNL!"


Parking in non-parking zones affects various stake-holders in a negative manner. Moreover, it reduces the width of the road at many places, causing traffic-jams, hurting the economy. Traditional approach of putting a manual lock has certain limitations.

Vehicles parked in No Parking zones usually get their tyres locked by an analog mechanism. This stops the vehicle owner from just driving away but it also makes it hard for them to reach whichever traffic department they need to visit to pay the relevant fine and they have to travel back for the unlocking as well. Moreover, as most of the process is done on paper, there may be those who demand extra money or bribes just for doing their job or for ensuring the violation isn't added to the person's record.


The Smart No-Parking Lock (SNL) is a Vehicle Lock that can be deactivated digitally and remotely. The SNL is used to lock a Vehicle parked in a No-Parking Zone. When the vehicle owner checks the lock, they will find details on the Browser window or Mobile App that they need to open. The owner does not need to login in the portal/app, they can simply enter the Vehicle number and see the parking fine amount and a Token Deposit amount. After making the payment online, the SNL will unlock automatically. This will allow the user to drive their vehicle and after they deliver the SNL at a collection centre, the Deposit will be refunded as well.


  • The SNL system saves the time for the Traffic Police. Moreover, it expands the area that can be covered by the police.
  • It saves the time of the Vehicle owner as well as they do not need to find alternate transportation to go to any department to pay the fine and unlock the vehicle.
  • It increases the speed and effectiveness of the penalty payment.
  • Digital payment system ensures the owner doesn't pay less or more than the lawful fine, eliminating the chance of bribe or corruption.