Tramission Pole Manufacturing Unit - Sidsar

Sidsar Pole Manufacturing unit is located at Sidsar Village, in the suburban area of Bhavnagar. Being only 10 km away from the Bhavnagar City, Sidsar is benefited from skilled and experienced labour which enables us to produce more number of RCC Poles for Electric Transmission. All the poles manufactured are up to the standard quality as defined by the State Electricity Board.

Sidsar Pole Manufacturing Unit was established in year 1997-98 and at present, it is operating at its full capacity to meet the utter demand of RCC Poles specially in vicinity of Bhavnagar district i.e. Botad, Paliana, Gariyadhar, Mahuva, Gadhhada Talaja etc. This is a result of Sheth Construction Group’s hard earned name as quality manufacturer and supplier of RCC Poles for Electric Transmission.