Somnathnagar -1 -Vartej

This is one of the mile stone schemes of our company from which we got the idea to serve Middle Income Group people. It is difficult for middle income segment to purchase residential land without housing loan. To virtually increase the buying power of our customers, our company has given residential plots by monthly installment in this scheme.

The scheme was launched on Bhavnagar – Alang – Talaja Road, locally known as Vartej – Sidsar Road, on Sur. No. 205 of Vartej Suburban Village of Bhavnagar. Suburban area of Bhavnagar ends at Village Vartej on South – West direction.

From this scheme company has got an idea for Housing need of Middle Income Group family. The scheme is having 276,532 square feet of land. The Scheme is nearby two industrial estates. It falls on National Highway and near to State Highway. The scheme was started in year 1992 and completed on year 1995.